Welcome to the Material Shop

Are you a startup, scale-up, or innovator looking for unique materials to bring your ideas to life?
Our webshop is specially designed to cater to the needs of burgeoning businesses and creative minds like yours. At Specialty Materials, we offer a curated selection of specialty materials, perfect for testing and experimenting without committing to large quantities.

For whom is this shop?

You're a startup, a scale-up or small company and
- in need of smaller quantities of high-performance engineering plastics
- in need of material samples
- with a one-off order,
Register for an account to get access to instant pruchasing and fast delivery.
At the moment we only deliver in Europe but will shortly deliver worldwide.

How does it work?

We made it easy, simple and fast for you to purchase small quantity products. Some steps need to be taken to secure your order, payment and shipping. Discover all steps in detail below and hit the shop button that brings you to the Material Shop.
Whenever you feel uncomfortable or in need of additional information, you can reach out for our personal support. We aim for your maximum comfort in what we do.


Registration process

Step 1: Go to  https://material-shop.growthgarage.mcgc.com/ or click on the buton below.


Step 2: Once the homepage of the shop opens, you find the Register tab and the Login tab in the right upper corner of the main menu.

Click on Register button and the register screen will pop up.


Step 3: Every user needs to register only once to create his personal  account. During the registration there are 4 steps that need to be completed:

  1. Company information
  2. Shipment address
  3. Invoice address
  4. Account information

Once the 4 steps completed you can choose a password. Click on  the Register button and your personal account is created.

You will receive an email to activate your account.

(We recommend to save your password in your browser.)


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Do not forget to check your mailbox

Account activation

Step 4 : You will receive an email in your  mailbox with the request to activate your  account. Click on the link in the mail to validate your account. This step is an important security step to protect our customers data and especially your personal data and payment information.


Material Shop Administrator :

Once you activated your account, the material shop administrator will open the platform for your account enabling you to browse through our products and access their prices at your convenience.

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how to login to your personal account


After activating your account, you will receive a notification mail which indicates you have access to the shop.

Step 5: As a user you only need to register once to create a personal  account. To have access to the shop, click on the  Login tab in the right upper corner menu of the page.

Fill in your email address and the password you’ve chosen during your registration.

If you forgot your password, you can create a new one by clicking on the  “Reset Password” link




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How to order your products

Order & Payment

Step 6: Once you logged in, 6 specialty materials are available in the shop. Click on the product of your choice to see the specific product information and the downloadable datasheets on the product page. 

Step 7 : When you click on the desired material, the product page will open and provide all product information and documentation.

Select the desired quantity and add to your cart. You may note that the quantity you need to indicate depends on the type of product. You can choose the minimum quantity or a multiple of the minimum quantity. 

The minimum quantity and the price are clearly indicated next to the product description.


click on the checkout button and follow the checkout steps.

Checkout steps: 

  1. Shopping cart overview.
  2. Shipping and billing overview
  3. Order review and placement.

An order confirmation email is sent when those 3 steps are completed.

Once the payment is confirmed you will receive an order payment confirmation mail.

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Shipping and delivery

At the moment we're only shipping to European countries but working hard to open for deliveries globally. All materials will be shipped to the indicated shipping address and will be delivered in 3 to 5 working days. 

Shipping costs are indicated on the shopping cart before payment. 

You will be informed when the shipping is foreseen with tracking number of the shipment.

Check your delivery

Tracking of your order

You will be informed of the tracking number by mail once your order is shipped.

You can than find the details of the delivery on the Track & Trace tool of the TNT platform.



Contact us

Are you unsure about a product, a price or a delivery?
You have some unanswered questions? You want to give feedback or recommendations (what we applaud!).

Well don't hesitate and let's get in touch. We're here to help, guide and support you.
Send us a short message on growthgarage@mcgc.com and indicate what fits you best : a call or a feedback mail or ..... just name it!