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Welcome to the fascinating world of engineering challenges, where innovation meets problem-solving head-on to shape the future. Engineering is the driving force behind our modern world, responsible for groundbreaking advancements in technology, infrastructure, and beyond. In this dynamic arena, engineers are constantly confronted with complex problems that demand creative solutions. Whether it's designing sustainable cities, developing cutting-edge medical devices, or harnessing renewable energy sources, engineers are at the forefront of addressing the world's most pressing issues.

Continuous Intake of Innovative Ideas

Welcome to the world of continuous engineering innovation! In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, the concept of ongoing idea generation and implementation is crucial. This approach keeps organizations at the forefront of their industries and adaptable to evolving challenges. In this exploration, we'll delve into the principles, practices, and success stories of continuous engineering innovation. Join us on a journey that highlights the power of ongoing ideation in shaping a brighter future.

Pitch Sessions

The Pitch Sessions are organized a couple of times per year. It is important that you submit prior to the deadline (indicated per topic) and are available to pitch online during the Pitch event. Outcome: You are seeking exposure for your business by pitching to an audience of industry experts, senior business leaders and the CVC team.

Our previous winners of the Engineering Challenges

The Composite Engineering Challenge 2022

Intermode - USA

The Intermode team has developed a small robotic autonomous delivery vehicle, which can be completely recycled at the end of its life.

The recyclability of the vehicle is further reinforced by using a single material (instead of 30 different cost optimized plastics that incur higher costs at the start) and recapturing it at end of life and making it cheaper on a total lifecycle perspective. They have designed the vehicle to be modular, such that the parts can recaptured and recycled easily at the end of life.

The team is lead by Arnold Kadiu, a mechanical engineer who has previously worked with Ford Motors as an R&D engineer.

hero Intermode small
The Composite Engineering Challenge 2022

Herone - Germany

Herone produces high performance composite products
made from realigned recycled carbon fibers. Their
products are made from recycled CF, while retaining
strengths of virgin fibers. The combination of automated
textile preforming with efficient press molding – for
manufacturing of thermoplastic composite profiles
enables them to produce high performance parts from
recycled CF.

The Composite Engineering Challenge 2022

CarboScreen - Germany

CarboScreen has developed sensors for monitoring fiber and process parameters relevant for CF production in order to detect microscopic defects. A specially developed software platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) principles links the measured sensor data with process
know-how. With the software platform it is possible to recommend actions for plant operators to optimize CF production process and increase fiber quality.

The Composite Engineering Challenge 2022

Project Unlimited - The Netherlands

The team from TU Delft is building prosthesis system that is completely tailored to the needs of the specific user. This is facilitated by building a product (prosthesis) that has a modular build-up, such that parts can be
swapped according to the evolving needs of the user.

MicrosoftTeams-image (10)
High-temperature carbon-fiber 3D printing Challenge

Crover Subterranean drone

Based on the 'Crover Effect' for locomotion in granular media, the CROVER robot is able to move through bulk solids and powders - i.e., environments like sand dunes, grain bulks, and chemical powders. Crover's first application is a grain Storage Management system. This helps grain storage operators like farmers, grain merchants and port operators identify critical conditions early and maintain the quality of their stock. 

The winning design is a unique combination of an innovative technology with a significant positive environmental impact that addresses a key global challenge for society: food waste

Lorenzo Conti

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High-temperature carbon-fiber 3D printing Challenge

The power assisted mobility device

The team comprising two brothers Alan (a mechanical engineering student at Northeastern University) and Alberto (an industrial designer currently working at Tesla) are developing an extraordinary and life-changing product. Inspired by the story of Sophia Malthus, who became a quadriplegic (paralyzed limbs) after a horseback riding accident, they decided to address the issues related to a standard wheelchair. They have researched, designed, and engineered a customized wheelchair that addresses Sophia's main pain points and are now looking for ways to manufacture it.

Alan Esses and Alberto Esses - Boston 

Sophia - Power Assisted Mobility Device
High-temperature carbon-fiber 3D printing challenge

The Lunar Exploration Mechanical Arm from Concordia University Capstone Team

This project is centered around designing a robotic arm for implementation on a lunar rover that will be subject to the harsh environment of the lunar surface while having a limited energy supply. The team aims to develop a preliminary prototype and determine possible future directions. 

The team is made up of seven undergraduate students from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. The Concordia team includes Aidan Mitchell, Eric Cappelli-Martell, Sean Le Noble, Erl Bernard, Joseph Corbisiero, Fady Mitry & Mustapha El Makdah.

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Our previous winners of the Engineering Challenges

KyronMAX® challenge

KyronMAX® helps drones go Ultra-Quiet

An innovative take on 'ultra-quiet' unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) blades. The novel blade design can help eliminate the incessant buzzing sound of drones, almost entirely. The patent-pending method used to mold the blades results in an average 10 dB sound reduction which is 50% quieter compared to equivalently sized conventional UAV propeller blades.

Delson Aeronautics

Delson Aeronautics

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