3D Printing FGF Engineering Challenge

Winner Announcement

Discover the outcome of the 3D Printing FGF Engineering Challenge.

The caliber of submissions we received was exceptional, making the decision-making process quite challenging for our jury team.

After careful evaluation and consideration and based on the judging criteria, discover who - amongst the 11 finalists - excelled in their pursuit of challenging the status quo of the 3D Printing FGF technology. 


Unveiling the Finalists of the 3D Printing FGF Engineering Challenge!

The Finalists

Discover the outstanding finalists selected by our expert panel for the 3D Printing FGF Engineering Challenge. After meticulous evaluation based on criteria of feasibility, scalability, and sustainability, we are proud to present a lineup of submissions that exemplify high-quality innovation and ingenuity.

Stay tuned as we introduce these remarkable finalists who have demonstrated exceptional promise in pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology. Get ready to be inspired by their groundbreaking ideas and contributions to engineering excellence.

Congratulations to all the finalists for their remarkable achievements! 

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The Opportunity

Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG) Growth Garage, in collaboration with their partners, is excited to announce the 3D Printing Fused Granulate Fabrication (FGF) Engineering Challenge. This open innovation program invites startups, scaleups, and innovative companies to explore the possibilities of 3D Printing with granulates (pellets).  

If you're looking to explore this emerging technology for your part, product, or application, or want to combine it with composites through hybrid manufacturing technologies, the 3D Printing FGF Engineering Challenge presents a great opportunity. 

WHAT IS 3D Printing FGF?

Fused Granulate Fabrication is an extrusion-based additive manufacturing method that utilizes granular materials (pellets), typically plastics or composites, as the primary feedstock for printing. It uses a heated nozzle to melt and extrude the granules layer by layer, enabling the creation of intricate and customized objects. What sets FGF apart from other 3D printing methods is its versatility, as it can effectively utilize a wide range of commercially available plastic or composite granulates. This feature makes FGF a cost-effective and easily scalable option with numerous applications. 

FGF is an emerging technology which stands out with its precise, high-speed plastics extrusion capability compared to fused filament fabrication (FFF). FGF's distinguishing feature lies in its versatility, as it accommodates a wide range of materials. However, this flexibility demands a more intricate printing process, necessitating custom process settings for different materials. This means that material processability requires a deeper technical understanding compared to Fused Filament Fabrication. 



Why participate in the 3D Printing FGF Engineering Challenge?

This challenge offers a unique opportunity to access resources and support that can help you bring your innovative ideas to life or enhance your existing product or application with an emerging technology. Mitsubishi Chemical Group Growth Garage is committed to helping you achieve your goals, providing a comprehensive package of benefits and resources valued at $25,000 to the challenge winner. 

In this open innovation program, Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG) Growth Garage collaborates with selected industry partners including Ford Motor CompanyAlstomMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesCEAD GroupADAXISBelotti SpAFIS Robotics Haddy and Nedcam. To promote sustainable innovation, The Global KAITEKI Center (TGKC) and Arizona State University are also part of the Engineering Challenge. 

Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s wide range of 3D Printing material portfolio 

Mitsubishi Chemical Group's wide range of 3D Printing materials offers solutions for every need. The portfolio comprises: 

  • Over 65 standard off-the-shelf pellet grades 

  • Custom-made pellets tailored to specific properties and requirements. 

  • Soft to structural materials, high-temperature performance materials, recycled materials, and bio-based materials 

  • Customizable materials with flame retardancy, UV-stability, transparency, and specific mechanical properties 

Printing a bridge using robot FGF printer with Mitsubishi Chemical Group recycled PETG polymer Source: Autodesk
Find Your Fit

Who should participate?

The 3D Printing FGF Engineering Challenge is open to a diverse range of participants, including those who are: 

  1. Inexperienced with 3D Printing: Individuals and companies looking to explore the possibilities of 3D Printing FGF for prototyping or small series production. 

  2. Experienced with 3D Printing (FFF): Those who have experience with 3D Printing and are interested in testing, implementing, and transitioning to FGF. 

  3. Experienced with 3D Printing: Innovators seeking to integrate FGF with hybrid technologies like continuous carbon-fiber-based composites. 

Exploring various application areas 

We're inviting companies offering solutions for parts, products, and applications that can be used in a wide range of industries, including: 

  • Mobility: Automotive parts, jigs and fixtures, autonomous delivery vehicles, rail systems, UAVs, eVTOLs, and more. 

  • Assistive Technology: Prosthetics, bionics, and wheelchairs. 

  • Maritime: Ships, boats, yachts, and their components. 

  • Robotics: Industrial and consumer robots, from manufacturing robots to home automation systems. 

  • and more...

Challenge program from October 2023 until March 2024



1. Launch date:                  Monday 23 October 2023


2. Early Bird Closure :       Friday 1 December 2023


3. Challenge Closure:       Saturday 17 February 2024 (midnight CET)



4. Finalists Announced:    Wednesday 21 February 2024


5. Winners Announced:    Tuesday 12 March 2024




Valued at 25,000 USD

The Challenge Winner Support is a comprehensive package designed to empower the overall winner of our challenge with valuable resources and assistance worth $25,000. We are committed to nurturing and advancing the promising idea or project of the winning participant, and this support includes a wide array of benefits:

  1. Support in Material/Technology Selection: We understand the critical role that materials and technologies play in the success of any project. Our support will encompass guidance in choosing the right materials and technologies that align with your project's goals and requirements.

  2. Assessment and Evaluation of Value Proposition and Business Model: Our experts will closely assess and evaluate your project's value proposition and business model. This in-depth analysis will provide you with valuable insights and recommendations for enhancing your project's market viability and potential for success.

  3. Access to a Wide Selection of (Customizable) Materials for 3D Printing: You will have access to a diverse range of materials for 3D printing, which you can customize to suit the specific needs of your project. This flexibility ensures that you can experiment and fine-tune your designs effectively.

  4. Support in Design for Manufacturing: The transition from design to manufacturing is a crucial phase. We will provide guidance and support to optimize your designs for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes, ensuring that your project can be brought to market more efficiently.

  5. Global Exposure in Various Media: As the Challenge Winner, your project will gain substantial global exposure through various media channels. This exposure will help create brand awareness, attract potential collaborators, and generate interest.

  6. Access to Our Wide Partner Network: Our extensive partner network is a valuable resource for forging strategic collaborations. You will be connected to relevant partners who can further support your project's growth.

  7. Exposure to Senior Management in Mitsubishi Chemical Group and the Corporate Venture Group: You will have the unique opportunity to engage with senior executives within Mitsubishi Chemical Group and the Corporate Venture Group. Their insights and experience can provide invaluable mentorship and guidance.

  8. Exposure to Potential Customers: We will facilitate introductions to potential customers who have an interest in your project, helping you to establish meaningful business relationships and expand your market reach.

  9. Access to Experts in Our Community and Jury: Our community of experts and the jury members possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. You will have access to their expertise, allowing you to seek advice and solutions to the challenges you encounter during the development and scaling of your project.

In summary, the Challenge Winner Support is a comprehensive package that goes beyond financial rewards. It is a commitment to nurture and propel your project to new heights, providing you with the resources, mentorship, and connections needed to make your innovation a resounding success. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.



Check our previous winners
Expert panel and jury members

Get to know the jury team

The jury consists of engineers, materials and sustainability experts, and business development leaders with decades of experience.

Aurelien Fussel Head of Additive Manufacturing Industrial Program ALSTOM
Siddieq Imankarijo.jpg
Siddieq Imankarijo Project Manager & responsible of Additive Manufacturing department Nedcam
George Basil.jpg
Dr. George Basile Professor of Sustainability & Enterprise in the School of Sustainability at ASU, the Assoc. Director of The Global KAITEKI Center Arizona State University
Yannick Aerts.png
Yannick Aerts Technical consultant - large-scale 3D printing FIS Robotics
Henri Bernard Adaxis.jpg
Henri Bernard Co-Founder and CEO ADAXIS
Mark Muilwijk.jpg
Mark Muilwijk Material Specialist - expertise in thermoplastic composites CEAD
Ryoji Okabe.jpg
Ryoji Okabe Research Manager Composites Laboratory in the Manufacturing Technology Development of Research & Innovation Center Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Christoph Greb.jpg
Christoph Greb Scientific Director Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University
Fumiko Uraki_small.JPG
Fumiko Uraki Director of Venture Department at Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Benjamin DEBUSSCHERE.jpg
Benjamin Debusschère Head of Events’ Programs and Startup Booster JEC Group
Bram Geenen.JPG
Bram Geenen CEO and Co-founder WeVolver
Dr. Lisa Weigand.jpg
Dr. Lisa Weigand Advisor Circular Economy Mitsubishi Chemical Group
LR-Jules Harings.jpg
Jules Harings Associate Professor & Group leader Macromolecular Physics & Technology at AMIBM / Maastricht University Maastricht University
David Leach Director, Business Development ATC Manufacturing
Marcus Kremers canvas.jpg
Marcus Kremers CTO and Technologist on composites, automation & digitalisation Airborne
David Reger CEO and Founder / Deep-Tech Entrepreneur / Cognitive Robots NEURA Robotics
Randy White MCAM.jpg
Randy White Carbon Fiber and Composites Division Leader, Americas Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Simon McEvoy.jpg
Simon McEvoy UK Head of Strategy & UX // Marketing Academy Alumni Council // B Corp B Leader // Speaker & Author The Marketing Practice
Jonas Grau.jpeg
Jonas Grau Thomsen CEO and Founder of Nordic Bionics / Thought Leader/Influencer Nordic Bionics - Rehabilitation and Wearable Technology
Dr. Peter Walde.jpg
Dr. Peter Walde Founder & CEO, Empowering innovators to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-paced world MAPEGY
Photo Mark Geljon.jpeg
Mark Geljon Customer Experience leader - Business developer digital engineering services GRIDD
Stefan Schnippering.jpg
Stefan Schnippering Venture Associate, PHD Diamond Edge Ventures
Henning Bloech.jpg
Henning Bloech Global Director Sustainable Solutions Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Andy Rudd.jpg
Andy Rudd Global New Business Development Manager Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Tim Vorage Innovation.jpg
Tim Vorage Director Revenue Operations, founder of MCG Growth Garage Mitsubishi Chemical Group
All you need to know when submitting a project

discover the steps you go through if you want to participate in the challenge

1. Create an account

Before starting the submission process, you need to create an account. On top of the page you find the "Register" tab on the right side of the top menu. By clicking on the "Register" tab you're redirected to the registration page where required information includes :

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Account overview section: Your submission is stored in the account overview section. You have an overview of the actif submission but also the past submission when you participated in previous programs.

Click on the actif submission to edit the information. You can always remove, add, change data, visuals, documents from your specific program.

4. Starting your application

That's it! You've successfully created an account on the Growth Garage platform. You can now apply for the Challenge by using the "Apply "button which gives immediate access to the participant application form. Enter all required information but don't share confidential data or documents on the platform as we don't have a confidentiality agreement signed.

Be mindful of the Challenge Judging Criteria and the Rules of Engagement.These are important guidelines indicating what the jury team will use as reference during the selection process.

Click on the submission button once you answered each question. You can at any moment access your submission as long as the Challenge program is open. You can update your information add documents, images, video's in a later stage. 

Jury members advice: "As each idea is totally new, it's important to receive accurate information based on the predefined criteria and guidelines to evaluate a submission. Each question should be answered with enough details to provide a good understanding of the project what helps the objective evaluation and ranking.



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All answers you need to know before submitting your idea.

Submission questions & guidelines

Practical Information We compiled several documents to better understand the challenge requirements.
Feel free to download the entry pack , the detailed checklist and guide with comprehensive information to make your submission a succes.
What is the jury team looking for


All submissions will be judged according to 3 categories:

- Feasibility (technical and commercial)
- Scalability (manufacturing and team)
- Sustainability

Is this challenge for you?


The challenge is open to any business, research team or project team currently working on a product or part manufactured from composites that have the ambition to ramp up their production.
You may currently be in prototype or small series production using a low quantity production process and are facing challenges in scaling up your production – this is the opportunity for you. Read all details in the ENTRY PACK.

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Introducing the esteemed panel of 3D Printing experts

3D Printing Industrie Experts

They're a group of excellent professionals who know all the ins and outs of 3D Printing technology. These experts come from different backgrounds but share a passion for making the impossible possible in the world of 3D printing. They're here to evaluate all submissions joining the 3D Printing FGF Engineering Challenge by using their knowledge and experience.