The Crucial Role of a Jury Team in Engineering Idea Selection

In the world of engineering, innovation serves as the driving force behind advancement. The selection of new ideas and concepts is a critical step in the development of groundbreaking technologies and solutions. However, the process of choosing the most promising ideas can be a complex and challenging endeavor. This is where a jury team plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process. Discover the importance of a jury team for engineering idea selection and why it’s a vital component of the innovation process.


1. Diverse Expertise:

One of the primary advantages of having a jury team for engineering idea selection is the diversity of expertise it brings to the table. A well-rounded jury team can comprise experts from various fields and industries ensuring that a comprehensive evaluation of ideas takes place. This diverse perspective helps identify potential pitfalls, unexplored opportunities, and provides a holistic view of the proposed concepts.


2. Objective Evaluation:

A jury team provides an objective evaluation of engineering ideas. By having a group of individuals who are not directly involved in the development of the ideas, it ensures impartiality in the selection process. This impartiality is essential to prevent biases that may arise from personal connections or interests. The goal is to select ideas based on their merit, feasibility, and potential impact, rather than personal preferences.


3. Cross-Pollination of Ideas:

A jury team facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas, allowing for the fusion of various concepts and approaches. In many cases, seemingly unrelated ideas can be combined to create innovative and groundbreaking solutions. The interaction and discussion among jury members can spark new insights and lead to the development of hybrid ideas that might not have been possible with a single-minded approach.


4. Risk Mitigation:

Engineering projects often involve substantial investments of time and resources. It is crucial to mitigate risks associated with idea selection. A jury team can help identify potential risks and drawbacks of proposed ideas, helping organizations make informed decisions. By having a diverse set of experts with different perspectives, a jury can provide a more comprehensive risk assessment.


5. Quality Control:

The presence of a jury team acts as a quality control mechanism for engineering ideas. They can set specific criteria for evaluating the ideas and ensure that only those that meet the defined standards are selected. This process helps maintain the high quality of projects and reduces the likelihood of pursuing ideas that are not viable or impactful.


6. Accountability and Transparency:

Having a jury team in place enhances accountability and transparency in the idea selection process. Decisions are made collectively, and the reasoning behind those decisions can be shared with stakeholders. This transparency fosters trust within the organization and can motivate employees and innovators to participate more actively in the idea generation process.


It is clear that in the fast-paced world of engineering, the importance of a jury team for idea selection cannot be overstated. Their diverse expertise, objectivity, cross-pollination of ideas, risk mitigation, quality control, and transparency all contribute to the success of innovation efforts. By embracing the contributions of a jury team, as an organization, we can ensure that the most promising engineering ideas are selected, paving the way for groundbreaking solutions and technological advancements that benefit society as a whole.

Our dedicated jury members come from diverse fields, each contributing a unique perspective to the evaluation process. Their commitment to excellence and passion for engineering innovation make them the driving force behind the success of our programs.

Ryoji Okabe.jpg
Ryoji Okabe Research Manager Composites Laboratory in the Manufacturing Technology Development of Research & Innovation Center Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
LR-Jules Harings.jpg
Jules Harings Associate Professor & Group leader Macromolecular Physics & Technology at AMIBM / Maastricht University Maastricht University
Fumiko Uraki_small.JPG
Fumiko Uraki Director of Venture Department at Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Christoph Greb.jpg
Christoph Greb Scientific Director Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University
Simon McEvoy.jpg
Simon McEvoy UK Head of Strategy & UX // Marketing Academy Alumni Council // B Corp B Leader // Speaker & Author The Marketing Practice
Dr. Peter Walde.jpg
Dr. Peter Walde Founder & CEO, Empowering innovators to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-paced world MAPEGY
David Leach Director, Business Development ATC Manufacturing
Henning Bloech.jpg
Henning Bloech Global Director Sustainable Solutions Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Dr. Lisa Weigand.jpg
Dr. Lisa Weigand Advisor Circular Economy Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Andy Rudd.jpg
Andy Rudd Global New Business Development Manager Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Stefan Schnippering.jpg
Stefan Schnippering Venture Associate, PHD Diamond Edge Ventures
Bram Geenen.JPG
Bram Geenen CEO and Co-founder WeVolver
Jonas Grau.jpeg
Jonas Grau Thomsen CEO and Founder of Nordic Bionics / Thought Leader/Influencer Nordic Bionics - Rehabilitation and Wearable Technology
Photo Mark Geljon.jpeg
Mark Geljon Customer Experience leader - Business developer digital engineering services GRIDD
Benjamin DEBUSSCHERE.jpg
Benjamin Debusschère Head of Events’ Programs and Startup Booster JEC Group
Marcus Kremers canvas.jpg
Marcus Kremers CTO and Technologist on composites, automation & digitalisation Airborne
David Reger CEO and Founder / Deep-Tech Entrepreneur / Cognitive Robots NEURA Robotics
Tim Vorage Innovation.jpg
Tim Vorage Director Revenue Operations, founder of MCG Growth Garage Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Randy White MCAM.jpg
Randy White Carbon Fiber and Composites Division Leader, Americas Mitsubishi Chemical Group
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